Steel work, before painting


Steel bicycles: the durable, comfortable choice

Steel is a noble, durable material that has proven its worth over the centuries. It is used in many industries, including aerospace, automotive and construction.

When it comes to cycling, steel is the material of choice for riders looking for a versatile, comfortable bike.

Modern tubing alloys are extremely strong and rigid, so it's no longer Dad's bike.

Steel offers a wider choice of tubes than stainless steel, both in terms of shape and mechanical properties. This is an advantage when it comes to rigidity and aesthetics.

As with stainless steel, TIG welds are inerted internally, then polished before painting.

The steel frame has similar properties to the stainless steel frame, being only slightly heavier and almost as rigid, but not stainless, although you'll find bikes that are decades old in perfect condition!

Steel frames are perfect for all types of cyclists.