High-end steel bicycles

With its timeless elegance, the steel bike evokes the courage and strength of cycling's pioneers, rekindling in us the flame of this exciting adventure. Its appeal endures, thanks to the unrivalled comfort and uniqueness that set it apart. Often criticized without proper testing, steel offers a rare riding experience, creating a craze among cyclists lucky enough to try out such a machine.

Steel, often overlooked, remains the ideal road companion, offering a riding experience remarkable for its smoothness and ability to absorb irregularities in the terrain. Each frame tells a unique story, giving each bike a singular personality through the work of the craftsman.

The strength, durability and timeless appeal of this material make it a virtuous choice.

The idea that steel has played a role in the development of modern man adds a poetic dimension to this cycling experience. It's a way of reconnecting with the roots of this activity and acknowledging the historical impact of cycling in the evolution of our society.

BlackRoses beautifully embody this fusion of tradition and modernity, highlighting the ancestral complicity between man and steel. BlackRose offers cyclists the opportunity to transcend contemporary norms and experience an authentic adventure, establishing a deep connection with the rich history of cycling.